Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Six Exceptional Women Who Gave to the Paris of the Twenties an Uncommon Radiance and Bravado, Photographed and Remembered by Andres Kertez

magda zahler

"What capacity for caprice! She was Hungarian, a doctor's wife, and had studied classical dance. But when she came to Paris in 1925, she was a satiric dancer - her exuberant caricatures took us by storm."

georgette maeterlinck

"She was a figure of the purest poetry; all delicacy, openness." The Borzoi was Melisande, named after Pelleas et Melisande; a porcelain blackbird commenerated "L'Oiseau bleu."

comtesse de noailles

"She lived in her bed, the curtains of the room drawn, a little lamp somewhere lighted. A poet of fantastic reputation, she had the quality of the removed, the supoer-real, perhaps."

marie laurencin

"She gave the impression she was one of her paintings - the air, the tone,  was a Marie Laurencin. She wanted to pose with something - her Chow, her porcelain cat. I wanted to do her, herself."

lady mendl

"The leading hostess of Paris - spiritual, gay. A great lady with a streak of the child, she had a passion for calisthenics, and could stand on her head. Her apartment looked magnificently on the Seine."


"A magnificent writer, yes. But she was a magnificent person, an unexcelled companion - natural, direct, exquisitely aware. To thank me for a favor, she wrote: 'Merci homme de forme parole! Je vous serre bien cordialment la main.'"

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