Saturday, February 14, 2015


Electric new Build-up: blusher and highlighter slicked on a whole new way. The revolutionary glow-how: fast swipe with a swivel-stick that looks like a theatrical grease stick but is light years ahead of that old magic wand.  Revlon's Face Gleamer packs luminescence. Three shades for blushing or contouring, plus one transparent "shade" for pure glow. Lipstick: Revlon's golden-tawny Pumpkinpeel. Dynel and diamante headdress by Ara.

Helena Rubinstein's Silver Rage Eye Shadow
Earrings: Maison de Fou

Spidery Lashes:
The great new makeup 
under eyes

The Great New Beauty Opportunities
Vogue October 1967
Photography: Gianni Penati

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