Sunday, January 18, 2015


Beauty and the Bath

"The twentieth century may yet be remembered best for a phenomenon which cannot be compressed into a time capsule: to wit, the Great American Bath. Never have there been such bountiful baths for so many.
Not only is there a vast quantity of really posh plumbing all across the land, but nowadays the accomplished bather has a whole repertoire of bathing techniques. There are baths and baths - to pep you up, simmer you down, put you to sleep, wake you up, and now that it's summer, to cool you off.
A dip in the pool (or a plunge in the surf) still calls for a proper bath to remove the salt, the suntan oil and the sand between-the-toes. In fact, the optimum summer bath is a tepid one - properly prolonged so that the circulatory system has a chance to expand and release internal heat through the skin. Such a bath can actually keep you cool, or at least cooler, for some five or six hours afterward. The most casual bath is refreshing, and a luxuriously planned bath may well make you feel, in the immortal words of Bea Lillie, like a new man."

Beauty and the Bath
Harper's Bazaar June 1957
Photography: Louise Dahl Wolfe

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