Friday, February 14, 2014


"Who's The Natural 1969?  She wears many faces,many skins. She is, for one, the extraordinary Marsha Hunt."

"Who is Marsha Hunt? She's the new kind of Natural who does her own thing - deliciously.  She is she and she is free.

"She moves. Constantly, effortlessly, enchantingly. Like maple syrup."

The Natural
Vogue January 1969
Photography: Patrick Lichfield

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


"Madonna-faced meld of innocence and sensuality, stunningly-sculptured light, line, and shadow ... She invests - in life."

"She runs, she walks, she dances, incessantly. She has that lovely quality called discipline."

"Leigh Taylor Young makes time happen. And she happens to be making it."

The Year of the Anatomy
Vogue January 1969
Photography: Avedon

... all things femme fatale

Thursday, February 6, 2014


White Torsolette that goes clear to the thigh top. Worked from alternating panels of elaticized Dacron and cotton and very lightly boned. The bra is Strapless with stauch, undercup wiring. By Surprise.

A black nylon merger of bra and half-slip with back closing by Pauline Gordon.

The Point of emphasis of nearly every dress with a raised waist falls between the lower edge of the bra and the upper edge of the girdle. You can bring this area under control with Nemo's one piece.

A satisfying self-sufficient torso control with a froth of panties that pout into little bloomers by Lady Marlene.

A very pretty corselet of power net that  neatens the whole torso, with particular attention to straightening the front ribs-into-stomach line. Back closing and nylon lace bra wired dirmly underneath. By Bali.

The Light touch of Morton Kaish ... and the lingerie of the fifties  

Corde de Paris' extended strapless white bra with outside boning done via a little pair of narrowing strips which removes the feeling of boning pressure.

Warner's longliner with cups lightly padded for roundness, and a dipped closing behind that fits the small of the back,

From Maidenform,  a white long bra with cups and front panel of embroidered nylon.

Left - discipline for the upper thigh - a pantie girdle of flowered power net by Formfit

Right - a white high-rising girdle of diamond-paneled nylon power net by Lily of France

Perfecting the Line

Photographs by Lillian Bassman

Harper's Bazaar  March 1955

... all things femme fatale