Wednesday, January 15, 2014


At eighteen, acting newcomer Jean Seberg won the starring role of Joan of Arc in Otto Preminger’s Saint Joan over some eighteen thousand other hopefuls. Bonjour Tristesse came next and, in 1960, Jean Luc Goddard’s feature, Breathless. She won much critical acclaim for her portrayal of an enigmatic schizophrenic in the title role of Robert Rossen’s Lilith.

Because of her involvement in anti-war politics and her association with the Black Panther party during the turbulent sixties, she became the subject of an undercover campaign by the FBI to try and discredit her in the press. Her American career faltered as a result and her personal life unraveled.

She died in a Paris suburb under mysterious circumstances. She was only forty years old 

Jean Seberg - Ready to Wear Ungaro
Vogue July 1967
Photography: David Bailey

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Thursday, January 9, 2014


"Marlene Dietrich sings in a Berlin dive in A Foreign Affair as Erika, a former playmate of the Nazi bigwigs, who comes over to the winning side. She evokes again the unforgettable image from The Blue Angel - the husky-voiced charmer with the wonderful black-clad legs and the long black garters - who cast a spell on American audiences seventeen years ago, when Mary Magdalene von Losch had only recently become Marlene Dietrich."

Harper's Bazaar August 1948
Photography: Richard Avedon

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Monday, January 6, 2014


Maria Cooper

Veronica Cooper Converse

"Behind the goggles, two beauties, Mrs. Gary Cooper and her daughter, Maria, a new breed of underwater fauna that can be seen gliding on the blue depths of the Pacific. Their equipment is professional - they dive in neoprene frog men's suits made to duplicate the ones used by the Navy."

Veronica Cooper Converse, known as "Rocky," was married to Hollywood leading man, Gary Cooper. A devoted wife and outstanding hostess, Veronica Cooper was also an accomplished sportswoman. She was an avid scuba diver, surfer, swimmer,  golfer, and tennis player who,  in the thirties, held the title of California State Women's Skeet Champion.

She was also a "Great Beauty."

A New Race of Mermaids
Harper's Bazaar May 1958
Photography: Louise Dahl Wolfe

Veronica Cooper Converse
1913 - 2000
Once a Great Beauty