Friday, October 31, 2014


"Tina Turner doesn't just sing - she wails, quakes, pleads and shakes her message on home."

I Don't Wanna Fight No More - Tina Turner

"Her face reflects the very soul of the earth."

"When Tina and the Ikettes perform, it's not only wild - it's fun and rough and sweaty. Zapping the audience with all her might, Tina ponies like Boni Maroni, watusis just like Lucy, and mash-potatoes herself to the point of frenzy."

"Tina takes you high into the land of a thousand dances and the Ikettes double-barrel the beat by shakin' their tail feathers with all the hip-grinding grease they can muster."

"Tina's writhing pace breaks for her traditional soul rap. She lays her life on the line and talks about love and hurt - and you listen hard."

"Then she flashes and ignites another explosion of pumping bodies and thumping hearts."

"Their music is tough, hard edged, full of the love and anger of their lives. You begin by looking at Tina and her three Ikettes - incredible in action - but you wind up being grabbed by the sound. "

... which just won't let go

Anna Mae Bullock
aka Tina Turner

The magazine of Film and the Arts
Photography:  Richard Busch
Text: Robin Richman

... all things femme fatal

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