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Juliet Prowse was born in Bombay in 1936 and, from the age of three, raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Trained in classical ballet, she turned to show dancing when rejected from the London Festival Ballet for being too tall.

She auditioned in London for choreographer, Jack Cole, who was helpful in the promotion of her early career as a dancer. It was the American choreographer, Hermes Pan, who obtained  her start in Hollywood by suggesting her to Twentieth Century Fox where he was choreographing the new film Can Can.  The musical is considered noteworthy primarily for the dancing prowess of Juliet Prowse. In it, her solo as the Snake in the Adam and Eve Ballet, prompted Nikita Khrushchev to pronounce the number "lascivious, disgusting and immoral" - whereas, Frank Sinatra proclaimed her, "The sexiest dancer I have ever seen."

Sinatra hired her as a dancer in two of his television specials. He pursued her socially and soon they were in a relationship that ended only when Juliet refused to give up her career to marry Sinatra.

Prowse starred alongside Elvis Presley in G.I. Blues - director Norman Taurog later commenting that he often  had to yell "Cut!" several times to separate the two actors during their kissing scenes.

Juliet appeared as a guest performer in all of the leading entertainment television shows of the sixties and seventies and had her own special, "The Juliet Prowse Show," which aired in 1979.

She was talented, beautiful, sexy and one of that era's great broads.

Not To Be Missed
Redheaded Juliet Prowse
Harper's Bazaar April 1960
Photography: Charles Brittin

Juliet Prowse
Once A Great Beauty