Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Vanity Fair


The Brassiere -Slip

The All-In-One by Cadolle


The Fashion Under The Fashion
News In The Buff
Vogue August 1968
Photographed at the Robert Elkon Gallery by Norman Parkinson

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


London Girl In New York

"In London, you try to do something and fail, and nobody lets you forget it....
In New York, everyone keeps trying, the atmosphere is geared to it, and nobody remembers a failure more than a fortnight."

This shawl of curls created by Ara Gallant  

What thinks the Shrimp of hair stylist  Ara Gallant?  "He has a marvellous eye, a great sense of style. Leave it totally to him, he'll do what's absolutely best for you."
Jean Shrimpton 

Upper level is in a short pony, lower level, back guiche. Long streaked bangs frame and glitter the  face

"Jean Shrimpton - you treat her hair like a fabric."
Ara Gallant

Tied in a knot high above the nape

"You streaked it, you tie it, you keep the small skull."
Ara Gallant

The Shrimp's hair tied rakishly, like a kerchief

Ara Gallant on the Shrimp, "Leave it to her. She'll bring out the best in you."
Ara Gallant

"Jean Shrimpton - 
You treat her hair like a fabric"
Vogue February 1969
Photography: Richard Avedon
Coiffures: Ara Gallant

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Design: Fouts-Gilkes

Katherine Ross for a long heartbeat was one of America's sublime young actors. 

Design: Gregory

As Elaine Robinson, in one of the sixties seminal movies, The Graduate - a movie that shaped the career of Dustin Hoffman, breathed new life into Anne Bancroft, and solidified Mike Nichols as the go-to director of the times, while giving folk-rock duo Simon and Garfunkel a number one album on the US charts, Katherine represented the ultimate sixties dream girl. The one you want to take home to mother.

Design: Gregory

Her role as Etta Place in 1969's Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid solidified her place as the sixties American Sweetheart.

Actor and voice-over commercial pitch-man Sam Elliott did take her home to mother and they have been married for  the past twenty-nine years.

Katherine Ross:
New American Star-looks
Vogue May 1968
Photography: Bert Stern

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Pilar Crespi

"Emerging from the sea like a Botticelli angel, sixteen-year-old daughter of Conte and Contessa Rodolfo Crespi of Rome. And a beauty - tall and lithe with a smile that starts deep in her black-violet eyes and shimmers dazzlingly to the surface, turning her whole young face into a glow of gaiety and affection ... just as here, on her first Bahamian holiday, she plunges head-long into the sun life and savours every minute of it - water skis, swims like a porpoise, handles a Sailfish with style, and now and then simply rolls up her shirtsleeves and lets the sun take over."

Pilar Crespi In The Sun
Vogue June 1968
The Beautiful People
Photography: Patrick Lichfield

Pilar Crespi - Seventeen

The New Beauties From Rome
Vogue December 1968
Photography: Avedon

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Friday, July 5, 2013



Wilhelmina Cooper at 23, five years before launching her own New York model agency, Wilhelmina Models.

... as an accessory to make-up

Scarce was the fashion magazine of  the sixties that did not have Wilhelmina gracing the cover, or presenting the fashions inside. She was an original supermodel taking over the reigns from fifties stars, Jean Patchett, Dovima, Dorian Leigh and  Sunny Harnett  -  and leading the way for Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Carol Murray  and other stars of sixties fashion modelling. Her look was a bridge from the elegantly coiffed and stiffly posed sophisticate of the prior era in fashion photography, and the more relaxed and informal attitude that leapt from the fashion pages in the mid-sixties.

She appeared on 255 magazine covers, including a record 28 covers of American Vogue.  Below is Wilhelmina's first cover shot in 1960 by Roland de Vassal for the December issue of L'Officiel. It was also Wilhelmina's first location trip;  to Gardaja, Algeria. She poses in couture by Madame Gres.

Beauty Bulletin
Vogue Magazine 1962
Photography: Bert Stern

L'Officiel December 1960
Photography: Roland de Vassal

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