Wednesday, July 24, 2013


London Girl In New York

"In London, you try to do something and fail, and nobody lets you forget it....
In New York, everyone keeps trying, the atmosphere is geared to it, and nobody remembers a failure more than a fortnight."

This shawl of curls created by Ara Gallant  

What thinks the Shrimp of hair stylist  Ara Gallant?  "He has a marvellous eye, a great sense of style. Leave it totally to him, he'll do what's absolutely best for you."
Jean Shrimpton 

Upper level is in a short pony, lower level, back guiche. Long streaked bangs frame and glitter the  face

"Jean Shrimpton - you treat her hair like a fabric."
Ara Gallant

Tied in a knot high above the nape

"You streaked it, you tie it, you keep the small skull."
Ara Gallant

The Shrimp's hair tied rakishly, like a kerchief

Ara Gallant on the Shrimp, "Leave it to her. She'll bring out the best in you."
Ara Gallant

"Jean Shrimpton - 
You treat her hair like a fabric"
Vogue February 1969
Photography: Richard Avedon
Coiffures: Ara Gallant

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