Sunday, July 14, 2013


Pilar Crespi

"Emerging from the sea like a Botticelli angel, sixteen-year-old daughter of Conte and Contessa Rodolfo Crespi of Rome. And a beauty - tall and lithe with a smile that starts deep in her black-violet eyes and shimmers dazzlingly to the surface, turning her whole young face into a glow of gaiety and affection ... just as here, on her first Bahamian holiday, she plunges head-long into the sun life and savours every minute of it - water skis, swims like a porpoise, handles a Sailfish with style, and now and then simply rolls up her shirtsleeves and lets the sun take over."

Pilar Crespi In The Sun
Vogue June 1968
The Beautiful People
Photography: Patrick Lichfield

Pilar Crespi - Seventeen

The New Beauties From Rome
Vogue December 1968
Photography: Avedon

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