Sunday, June 16, 2013


The Eyes of the Desert ...

"A young Moroccan beauty with marvellous honeyed skin tinged with rose. With the traditional ivory stick she lines the inner rims of her eyes with kohl, which has darkened the eyes of Moslem women for centuries - centuries during which only their eyes were visible above the mandatory veils."

"She works mascara - the cake kind - lavishly onto her lashes for a good ten or twelve minutes. Grey shadow put on lightly at the corner of the eye near the nose, then darkening as it works outward toward the temple; above that goes mauve shadow, done the reverse way - darkest at the inside corner, lightening as it goes outward."

"In the evening she draws a thin line with white liner at the upper edge of the grey shadow, from the middle of the eye out beyond the end of the eyebrow; another narrow white line is drawn in the same half-arc below the eye. Fantastic for making the eye stand out ..." 

The Dark Gazelle Eyes, Arabian-Nights Beauty of Mme. Benhima,
Wife of Morocco's Ambassador to the U.N.
Vogue September 1969
Photography: Richard Avedon

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