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The Naked Genius

The no-bra in pale nude nylon tricot by Rudi Gernreich - its excellent  control supplied by two strategic diagonal darts - that's all!  Light, long-legged beauty of a panty girdle by Gossard. Herbert Levine mesh slippers

The Soft Sands

Expert carving shapes a coatdress of palest flax - one neat stroke that skims the figure lightly, stops short to bare the knees. Pedro Rovira for Sloat. Straw hats by Emme

Sculptured two-piece built on an eased skirt, a bias-yolked overblouse by Marjorie Montgomery in honeycombed buff colour Moygashel linen

A spill of sand-beige textured silk gently bloused above squared pockets, spirals at the hem with a flutter of soft pleating by Georgia Bullock

More Naked Genius

Nearly weightless, nearly invisible bra and girdle makes you seem all but naked underneath everything from evening chiffon to sports sweaters - yet the ability to control and support is astonishing. Transparent brassiere of flesh-coloured nylon marquisette touched at the edges with lace, fastened at the side. By Bien Jolie

Naked Genius
The Soft Sands
Harper's Bazaar January 1965
Photography: Barry Kinn

Little is available on the photographer Barry Kinn.  Known as a still photographer, Kinn showed promise as Lillian Bassman's heir apparent due to the similar mood portrayed in his lingerie studies that were lit in a similar fashion to Bassman. Primarily using a dark, simple background, Kinn's photographic eye focussed on the figure and clothing before him using that as  the focal point with no extraneous accoutrement. The results lent the picture a soft patina and incandescence seeming to emit from  the subject itself.

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