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Ombre Mink Scarf - Sumptuously wrapping the body in ninety-three inches of the world's five rarest mink shades by Emba. The line - near Grecian in its columnar feel, created by diagonally placed  skins.

A Rainbow of Mink
Harper's Bazaar April 1963
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi

In an era before the world was aware of the unethical treatment of the animals used to  create the  most fashionable and desired outerwear, this column of mink exemplifies a furriers continual  challenge to design the ultimate luxury item.

To compliment such an opulent evening wrap, a woman dressed to the nines might attend her hair stylist for one of the looks below created by Alexandre of Paris

 Dior - laquered hair to wear like millinery, inspired by the Infanta of Valesquez

Saint-Laurent - A perfect poinsetta jewelled at the center

Cappuci - Spanish evening coiffure, loops of pressed laquered hair in the mood of Goya

Saint-Laurent, a fragile fairy-tale, made of flower petals of shining human hair intertwined with strands of natural seeds fashioned after an eighteenth century Chinese etching.

Paris Nights: Coiffure Close-Ups
Harper's Bazaar April 1963
Coiffures: Alexandre of Paris
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

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