Thursday, March 1, 2012


In a forthcoming movie entitled The Tenth Victim, Ursula Andress kills a Chinese man by shooting him with her brassiere - killer femme fatale

The treacherous Ursula begins her dance of death on the nightclub floor.  She sways, she shakes, she moves, she grooves.

Ursula,  she of She. Weaving and winding in her Flash Gordon underwear. She makes us all wish we could live to see a future.

She turns fetchingly away from her victim - her back to him at first, turnung again,partly hidden, writhing in his direction - this display but a prelude to the real business at hand...

The wildest shooting-gallery setup you have ever imagined...



Esquire January 1966
Photography: Michael A. Vaccaro
Available at devocanada

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